• Brexit

    What does it mean for my business?

    We are working hard to reduce the impact Brexit changes will have on our customers. We are keeping up to date as new information is published by the UK government on the new border controls which will be introduced in UK and working with our partners to understand what is required in the EU.

    The transition period between the EU and UK ends at 23:00 hrs on 31st December 2020 after which the EU and UK will re-introduce their respective border controls. This will have a significant impact on how trade flows between the EU and the UK.

    Requirements for each basic movement of standard goods in either direction:
    a) GB EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number)
    b) Details of the seller and buyer
    c) Description of the goods
    d) Number of packages and weight (kgs)
    e) The value and currency
    f) The terms of the proposed sale (INCO terms)
    g) Customs commodity code(s)
    h) Any licence(s) requirements
    i) Export packaging – must meet ISPM15 accreditation
    j) UK to EU = UK export declaration & EU import declaration
    k) EU to UK = EU export declaration & UK import declaration
    l) Safety & security declarations will be required for movements to the EU as from 1.1.21. This will be a requirement as from 1.7.21. for movements into the UK

    For j) and k), customs declarations must be issued prior to loading. Goods cannot move to port of exit until permission to progress has been issued by the customs authorities in the country of exit.

    For a UK import, consider:
    1) Are the goods controlled or standard goods?
    2) Who will complete the import declaration?
    3) How will any UK duty be accounted for?
    4) How will import Vat be accounted for? PVA – postponed VAT accounting?
    5) Do you know the UK Import customs procedure code?
    6) Will you wish to used the deferred import procedure for the first 6 months?
    7) The import declaration must be available prior to loading in the EU. Who will arrange this?

    The details for movements to/from Northern Ireland will be advised as and when an agreement is reached between the EU and the UK. The UK government has published the link to the Trader Support Service for Northern Ireland. Until negotiations conclude with the EU, there will be areas without complete certainty. Please visit www.gov.uk/guidance/trader-support-service

    UK customs has published the Border Operating Model (excluding Northern Ireland). For up to date information please visit www.gov.uk

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